A little bit about me

"Jack of all trades, master of none." For a long time, I saw that as a hindrance. To me, it meant that I was good at a lot of things but great at none. I often wondered if I should focus on just one thing. But I have many strings to my bow, from photography to writing and music to digital art, and I enjoy all these different activities. Now, I embrace all these talents that ultimately make me who I am and give me my unique viewpoint.

Bi-racial and forged by several cultures, I have a distinctive perspective on the world. I have lived in Guadeloupe, France, and the USA. Every chapter has added new layers to my persona. I now call Southern California home.

I have traveled the globe for many years, experiencing different cultures and falling in love with incredible people, places, and scenery. I notice unusual things, a distinct light, or a different angle, and I see what others might have missed. I admit I am also not interested in what another million people have seen. So I am thankful that here and there, I catch a glimpse of uniqueness that I can showcase.

We can find beauty in the big picture or the small details if we keep our minds and eyes open. The world is a fantastic place and an endless source of inspiration.